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why i like going to the Saiyuki tag

  • updates
  • Kazuya Minekura’s fuckin gorgeous made of gold illustrations
  • the fandom’s thoughts
  • I share ur pain
  • we still sexy

why i don’t like going to the Saiyuki tag

  • u ppl posting merch
  • I cringe with jealousy when I see u guys get ur stuff
  • my heart shutters every time I realize I’m fuckin broke
  • S A I Y U K I  M E R C H
  • T H A T   I  C A N ’ T 
  • A F
  • F O
  • RD
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Movies directed by Satoshi Kon (October 12, 1963 – August 24, 2010)

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Terza cover del BLAST,volume 2. Ringrazio ancora una volta Sekaiseifuku per le bellissime immagini,nel collegamente potete anche vedere le sole tre pagine di questo capitolo brevissimo,in giapponese ovviamente.

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 saiyuki;  *cry*;  
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me when it starts getting cloudy: yeees
me when it starts raining: yeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS
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Straight White Guys: It's not racist. The reason why most characters are straight white guys is it's a business. They just want to do what makes the most money. No one's being racist or sexist. It's just smart business.
Straight White Guys: Having a Black Captain America or Pakistani Ms. Marvel or female Thor is PANDERING. All they're trying to do is get MONEY from you. It's just a marketing ploy! This is horrible!
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Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation

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